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Anime I Seriously Need to Rewatch Right Now

It's getting cold outside, and all I want to do is get cozy and rewatch some of my favorite anime. Here are a few shows that I'm especially ready to dive back into.

This comedy centers around the members of a high school music club. K-On! is slow paced, but goofy and heartfelt. Just be sure to watch it with every expectation to be craving cake by the end of the episode.

As with anything written by CLAMP, Kobato kills me every time I watch it. In a good way. Prepare to have your feels taken, chewed, and spit back into your heart so the cycle can continue for eternity. In a good way.

The Rolling Girls
This wacky adventure is difficult to explain and therefore maybe not for everybody, but as a Japanophile I appreciate the cultural details in The Rolling Girls. If you enjoy travel stories, superpowers, cute octopi, and hilarious side characters who only show up in the background you might need to check it out.

Kimi ni Todoke
I haven't rewatched Kimi ni Todoke in ages! This shoujo series was one of my favorites back in the day. I adore the awkward, slow-burning romance, plus all of the side characters are incredeble.

Working! (Wagnaria)
I'm a huge sucker for comedies, especially workplace comedies, and Working! is probably my favorite one. Let's just say I've gotten very emotionally invested in these characters.

Lovely Complex
A shoujo classic, Lovely Complex is one of the funniest and sweetest anime I've ever watched. Ever. If you've never experienced Lovely Complex you need to drop everything and treat yourself. In fact, let me just pull that up next...

What shows are you itching to rewatch?
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