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Replacing Photobucket?

Based on some different posts I've seen on my F-page recently, I'm under the impression that Photobucket is slowly going through and taking down images that have been linked on other sites. I'm not exactly sure what the point of Photobucket is if you can't share images anymore. What I do know is that my entire icon collection and every single image I've ever posted is hosted on PB. This disaster hasn't hit me yet, but I'm preparing myself for the worst case scenario, especially considering how image-heavy calendarsquares is.

I am going to need a new image hosting site that will allow me to upload multiple images at once, keep them up permanently, and because everything I do is usually pretty image-heavy, I need something that will let you upload a TON of images without making you pay to upgrade after filling up your free capacity.

Any recommendations? I'd really appreciate the help <3
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