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bestof_icons - Best of 2016

I'd like to say a big, heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated in nominating my icons at bestof_icons this year, especially those of you who left lovely comments and feedback along with ther picks. I would have loved to thank each one of you individually, but I was kind of scared to spam the mods with so many extra comments... just know that those comments really made my day and encouraged me to keep trying new things.

2016 icon of the year

close calls

personal faves

I'm really surprised that a non-animated icon won Best of the Year this tme around. It's a little weird, but also very encouraging. I did put a lot of work into that icon, and it's nice to see it get a little extra love.

My resolutions last year were to expiriment more with complex composition, darker coloring, new typography styles, grayscale/b&w, close crops, and using more than two distinct colors in a single icon, and a lot of those criteria were met in the close call icons this year. I guess that means I did a good job!

My warmer coloring was surprisingly popular, which is unusual (I'm cool_spectrum, after all). Also cool to see something almost red up there, since I'm so scared of that particular color!

I love that once again, your favorite icons this year were ones that were mostly expirimental, trial runs, and outside of my comfort zone. I'm really encouraged to keep pushing myself to try new techniques and grow.

That being said, my icons with brighter coloring are still more popular than my pastel, muted, or dark coloring... to be honest, I kind of prefer working with bright colors, so I'm not surprised. I am glad I tried working more with other styles, though. It's really contributed to better coloring overall, even in my signature light-soft-bright range.

You may notice I picked a LOT of personal favorites, which of course ties back to my expirimental approach last year. I put a lot of effort into these babies and while they're not completely perfect, I'm really proud of myself for getting some surprising results that I can look back on and not feel total embarassment.

See the rest of the winners!
See my results from last year!
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