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bestof_icons - Best of 2015

First of all, thank you to everyone who nominated and/or voted for my Best Icons of 2015 at bestof_icons! It was a lot of fun to see everyone's favorite icons and try to guess which one would ultimately win :3

2015 icon of the year

close calls

personal faves

The results from bestof_icons show me that my growth in lighting and tyopgraphy did not go unnoticed! The first place icon is an example of my playing with shadows and lighting at an early stage, which is super encouraging!

Clearly my blue and green coloring is popular, along with full-body crops! Yay, negative space :3

I'm glad to see a lot of expirimental (for me) icons get into the Top 10, including a couple of non-animation icons... pretty cool.

I feel that the spread from Best of the Year to the Top Voted all give an accurate picture of my icon style, ranging from bright coloring and negative space, to playful textures and the never-ending attempts to conquer typography.

See the rest of the winners!
Check out my 2015 Progress Report!
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