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Inspire Me

I haven't been very active on LJ for awhile. Just barely enough to keep calendarsquares floating, but beyond that it's been scraping together a few meager icons for the couple of small challenges I've tried signing up for.

But I have been hoarding icons just as greedily as I did before... which means I have too many. I had the good sense to organize them somewhat as I saved them. I have folders of the following:

Animanga, Comics, & Games (2402)
Disney (272)
Stock (589)
TV/Movies & The Rest (1735)

This epic collection isn't even the start of it, since these are just the icons I haven't sorted and incorporated into the REST of my collections.

Sadly, I can't do much with a lot of these. They sit around and hope that calendarsquares will need them later. With all of the awards communities dead these days, and with me having no time to copy/paste links anyway, it seems like this epic collection is for nothing.

And it hit me. I'm going to share batches of icons that I save in the form of inspiration posts! (duh, right?).

The posts will have a common theme and will probably contain 15-20 icons that demonstrate a fantastic use of that theme. But in return, I want everyone to share inspiring icons with me that fit the category! So it's not exactly like an awards comm, but beautiful icons and amazing makers will be getting lots(?) of attention and hopefully it will be inspiring to more than just me XD

Stay tuned... I'll be putting up the first batch: Inspire Me with Vibrant Colors sometime in the near future!
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