Cyan (cool_spectrum) wrote,

Icon Tutorial 18

Requested by erisnx.


01: For this icon I was too lazy to extract all of the strands of hair in the original image. Instead- I used an eraser for the larger portions, and let the rest go. I colored the canvas the same purple color in the scan.

02: To help hide the fact that I was lazy, I used a brush with the same purple color on Multiply, and made some blurry squiggles to imply shading and depth of the background. Although it may not be visible in the completed icon, I find this step helpful for visualising the final icon and planning where to apply light textures, contrasting colors, etc.

03: Next I added this texture (by terempaty) on Hard Light, erasing some portions around the character's body. This was mainly to give the background some depth without altering the color scheme too much.

04: Then, to give the background some interest, I used this texture (maker unknown) on Overlay.

05: For contrast against the dark background, I used a portion of this texture (maker unknown) on Screen, erasing the unwanted portions.

06: To help enforce the gradient, I used this texture (maker unknown) flipped upside-down, on Overlay around 50.0 Opacity.

07: I played with the hue-saturation tool to make the colors brighter.

I don't want the colors to get too neon, so this layer went down to about 40.0 Opacity.

08: I felt like the character was getting lost in the background a little, so to make her stand our more I played with the curves layer a bit.

09: Now she looks a little too dark against the background, so I put a New From Visible layer on Screen, erased the background portions, and then adjusted the opacity until I was happy, and then used this texture (by querita) on Overlay at a low opacity to finish it off!

These kinds of icons are really easy to make since you basically just get to slap textures on your scan and play with the color adjustments a little bit. The light, slightly blurry gradient effect is the main characteristic from using this technique.
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