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Anime20in20 - General Animanga

This final set for anime20in20 was a long farewell party for me while I was making the icons. In honor of the many rounds that I was able to participate in, I revisited and tried to make one icon from every anime I'd claimed in previous rounds. There are a few extras thrown in as well though!

Thanks to anime20in20's exciting themes and motivating participation banners I was able to consistantly make icons throughout the entire year which helped shape my style and caused my icons to improve rapidly in a short amount of time. For me, it never got old and I don't think it ever could.

Thanks so much to just_miya for an amazing job of running the community! You did a beautiful job of keeping things tidy and constantly organized! I hope you'll stick around with us on LJ <3

And without further ado... the icons! Hover to see the series.

01 Winter 02 Hands 03 Gradient 04 Escape 05 Far Crop
06 Festive 07 Happiness 08 Dots 09 Arrow 10 Shoes


11 12 13 14 15


16 Left 17 Top 18 Center 19 Bottom 20 Right


21 22 23 24 25


11-15 - For this special category I decided to try for a progression of different goodbyes that look fine alone, but can almost tell a story side-by-side.

16-20 - I got to choose my favorite Special Category from previous rounds at anime20in20, I chose positions because I enjoy the challenge of cropping things differently, and obviously making everything look like they belong together at the same time XD

21-25 - This set features some of my top animanga OTPs! I originally wanted to try doing some creative cropping, but the icons had a mind of their own, so they look normal instead.

[rules & how to credit]
[x] Please credit me for any graphics taken or used with my username (cool_spectrum).
[x] Comments always make my day, and feedback is especially appreciated.
[x] If you would like any of my graphics personalized, please ask me. Do not edit my icons, banners, or wallpapers without permission.
[x] No hotlinking, please! Save graphics to your own server.
[x] Enjoy!

1) Add desired icon to your userpics.
2) Add a Keyword so you can find this icon easily when posting a comment or entry.
3) Under the "Comment:" section add "Credit <-lj-user-=-"USERNAME"->"
4) Click the "Proceed" button.
5) There you go! You've just credited! The result will look like this:

If you want to make doubly sure it linked properly, go into your user info and click your userpics again.

Tags: !icon post, anime/manga: anohana, anime/manga: aria/aqua, anime/manga: dnangel, anime/manga: from far away, anime/manga: fruits basket, anime/manga: hana kimi, anime/manga: haruka naru toki no naka de, anime/manga: hotarubi no mori e, anime/manga: howl's moving castle, anime/manga: inuyasha, anime/manga: kaichou wa maid-sama!, anime/manga: kimi ni todoke, anime/manga: kobato, anime/manga: la corda d'oro, anime/manga: lovely complex, anime/manga: natsume yuujinchou, anime/manga: ouran high school host club, anime/manga: pretear, anime/manga: ranma 1/2, anime/manga: soul eater, anime/manga: spirited away, anime/manga: starry sky, anime/manga: the queen's knight, anime/manga: toradora!, anime/manga: vampire knight, community: anime20in20

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