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Adventure Time?

Hey, another totally random personal-type post... strange I know, but I need some advice :3

SO. I tried watching the first episode of this show called Adventure Time. Maybe you've heard of it? It's supposedly REALLY popular, but to be completely honest... it was really off-putting. I didn't even finish the episode. It was that bad. Admittedly, it was a zombie episode (so not my thing), but still, I expect there to be some element to grab my attention in a series this popular.

Therefore, my question to anyone who has watched and/or likes the show... does this show have plot? Does it get better past the first episode? Is there any reason why I should try to hang in there and try watching episode 2? Because if there isn't I'm going to bury it and try to un-see the dessert people eating the remains of their zombie bretheren.

And I know this is a stupid reason to try and watch a show, but I REALLY wanted to use some of the awesome icons I've seen for it, and it breaks my heart that the show seems to be so lame and pointless when there are fabulous icons.

And don't take offense if you love the show and I don't. I use "lame" in the nicest way possible, and my sense of humor is probably worlds apart from "normal people". I'm the weird one, and I know it.
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