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Hotarubi no Mori e Screencaps

While I was making this batch of icons for anime20in20, I decided to go ahead and screencap Hotarubi no Mori e so that I could easily make more icons for it whenever I wanted without needing to go through the extra process of screencapping. I decided I should probably share these since I want to see lots more Hotarubi no Mori e icons from everybody else too... so it's all for selfish purposes XD

203 screencaps - 1916 x 1076
NOTICE: These are not extensive caps for the whole movie, and some of the caps have subtitles on them.

[x] Please do not re-upload and share as if you did this yourself... that would be lame.
[x] Enjoy and make lots of graphics for me!


Round 3 - Battle of the Sexes @ am_rumble
Tags: !screencaps, anime/manga: hotarubi no mori e

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