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I'm Baaaack~

My new computer has arrived, and after struggling to get used to the new features, I finally got Firefox up and running! It's good to be back!

This week I'll be catching up with what's been happening while I was away, and making those request icons for both the Stock Theme Suggestions, and the Anime Character Suggestions... so check those out if you want something~ Also, I'll be working on some tutorials that were requested awhile back, so look forward to that as well.

I'd like to direct the attention of icon-makers to calendarsquares. April's calendar is really far behind since I was away for so long, and any little bit would be very helpful! The colors are Carnation and Terra Cotta!

Submit to me!

And you guys probaby already saw the colorful banners for am_rumble all over LJ, but here's my contribution!

Let's kick some butt!
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