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116 Assorted Icons

[x] 40 Stock
[x] 80 Anime/Manga/Games
[x] 05 Bleach
[x] 04 Chobits
[x] 02 Galaxy Angel
[x] 05 Howl's Moving Castle

[x] 06 Inuyasha
[x] 01 League of Legends
[x] 01 Lovely Complex
[x] 10 Magi
[x] 01 Magna Carta
[x] 01 Prince of Persia
[x] 01 Odin Sphere
[x] 03 Otomen
[x] 10 Sakamichi no Apollon
[x] 11 Sailor Moon
[x] 11 Spice and Wolf
[x] 06 Starry Sky
[x] 01 Tokyo Babylon
[x] 01 XxxHolic

here @ icontraption
Tags: !icon post, !icons: stock/misc, anime/manga: bleach, anime/manga: chobits, anime/manga: galaxy angel, anime/manga: howl's moving castle, anime/manga: inuyasha, anime/manga: lovely complex, anime/manga: magi, anime/manga: otomen, anime/manga: sailor moon, anime/manga: sakamichi no apollon, anime/manga: spice and wolf, anime/manga: starry sky, anime/manga: tokyo babylon, anime/manga: xxxholic, game: leauge of legends, game: magna carta, game: odin sphere, game: prince of persia
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