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Anime20in20 - Assorted Anime

I had to rush to get this done before another packed week in RL, but here it is! I tried to use a different series for each icon, which was a lot of fun.

here @ icontraption
Tags: !icon post, anime/manga: alice 19th, anime/manga: bleach, anime/manga: crescent moon, anime/manga: dnangel, anime/manga: haibane renmei, anime/manga: haruka naru toki no naka de, anime/manga: kaichou wa maid-sama!, anime/manga: kimi ni todoke, anime/manga: last exile, anime/manga: lovely complex, anime/manga: magic x miracle, anime/manga: spirited away, anime/manga: tobenai majo, anime/manga: toradora!, anime/manga: tsubasa, community: anime20in20

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