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Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice

A pass-it-on meme that everyone should get into!

Step One: Comment here with the phrase "pumpkin spice" and I'll rummage through your userpics and choose five.
Step Two: You'll take those five icons and make a new post with all the rules and information included. Tell me about those icons, why you like them, why you can't delete them, or why you uploaded them in the first place~
Step Three: People will read your post, and think "hey, this is neat." and comment to your post with "pumpkin spice". Then it will be their job to pass it on in a never-ending cycle that will spread across the internet or at least LJ like wildfire!

by dashberlin
This icon was a gift last December during a gifting event at otp20in20. I remember being thrilled to get such a pretty Meru Puri icon, because it's such a minor series that I didn't get my hopes high that anyone would want to icon it XD

by lu_hesperia
The Keep Calm era seems to have quieted down a bit on LJ... at least on my F-page it has, but I think this icon is timeless. So very fitting for iconmakers everywhere. I think this would be a great icon to use for reminder posts at icontests XD

by adrastea & cool_spectrum
Yay, collab icon! We did this together for calendarsquares' collab challenge. Speaking for myself, I think we work very well together, and this icon turned out SO PRETTY. I love doing collabs because it always ends up teaching me a few little tricks and techniques. I think after this, I was inspired to try working more with light textures in different ways then I was used to using them.

by querita
I love the sepianess of this icon so much~ I sort of requested this icon during one of querita's suggest a theme posts. I needed something with a steampunk feel for icontraption, and I think this turned out beautifully!

by cool_spectrum
LOL, this icon. It was made for sesshy_icontest. The theme was rainbow, and the first thing that popped into my head was this image... and nyan cat. Thus it was born.

Okay, so enough about my icons, show me yours!

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