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Happy October Requests 01

Special Requests

~O P E N~

This is a special month-long celebration. I'll be posting speed requests with special requirements all month long, so keep an eye out for them and don't be afraid to participate!
Everyone probably already knows what I will and will not icon, so I won't bother listing it. Instead, these are some special rules that qualify for this round of speed requests!

Give me up to five random themes to draw inspiration from. I will make you five icons, each one based on the themes I find most inspirational.

-Inspirations can be song lyrics, artbooks, colors, techniques... whatever.
-If you want icons from a specific series please add that to the request. If you are not specific I'll do whatever, and that probably means anime/manga icons~
-If you do want icons made for something I'm unfamiliar with, you'll need to provide me with images, or at least a link to an image so I know what the series/characters look like.

Good Request: Sky, How I Became the Sea by Owl City, Duplicate Image, Frame Textures, Art by Range Murata (especially mecha-type stuff)
Why? You gave me a link to the lyrics of the song you wanted, themes that I can draw inspiration from, and art that I'm familiar with, therefore no need to add a link.

Bad Request: Any lyrics from Cartel, Original Artwork (especially ones with hats), BL Stuff, Doctor Who Icons, Video Game Icons
Why? You didn't give me a very specific idea of what lyrics you wanted... what if I wasn't familiar with the band? Your request for original artwork is too random, and several of these themes are for things that I'm not familiar with or don't allow requests for.

01. lovelycherri
02. kyriefluffins
03. open
04. open
05. open
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