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Icon Tutorial 11

Requested by adrastea

01: Started by extracting my original image and cropping. Then I added and recolored this texture by nokitas underneath the original image.

02: To bring out more of that yellow, I added this texture by soaked on Hard Light at about 20.0 Opacity... this is also underneath the original image.

03: Now, working on top of the original image, I added this texture by erzsebet on Overlay at about 66.0 Opacity.

04: I want nice, warm coloring, so I add this texture by defaultsettings on Multiply at 23.0 Opacity.

05: Next I added another defaultsettings texture on Overlay at about 50.0 Opacity.

06: Then I create a New from Visible and mess around with the Curves tool a bit.

That gets put at about 60.0 Opacity.

07: And now another defaultsettings texture! This time on Hard Light at about 30.0 Opacity.

08: This is feeling a bit dark/heavy, so I added this texture. I have no idea who made this one, sorry. It went on Screen at about 32.5 Opacity.

09: And now I fiddle with the coloring. Most of this is done through Curves on a New from Visible layer until it looks like this.

And then that layer is put on about 45.0 Opacity.

10: New from Visible layer, Gausian Blur, and then put on Overlay at about 51.0 Opacity.

11: I felt that some areas seemed a little too dark, so I quickly used a regular soft brush and painted some white over those sections.

That went on Overlay at about 74.0 Opacity.

12: Next I added this texture by ellaangelus on Multiply at about 65.0 Opacity, erasing the sections, mostly the parts that were over the character.

13: And lastly I added this texture by bambinainnero on Overlay at about 43.0 Opacity and fiddled with the curves a tiny bit.

There! I think the next thing you'll see from me will be a text guide... sorry I've been so sparce lately, but the Summer Olympics only come once every four years, and I didn't want to miss anything!

If you want to know how I made something, feel free to check out my...

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