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Another Icon Tutorial... I should start numbering these.

Requested by adrastea~

01: I started off with this image, which was the provided image for week 04 at animangavgflash /shameless plug

Cropped it to the desired area so it looks like this.

02: Next I duplicated the layer and put it on Multiply to try and darken the colors. That resulted in a muddy look, so I used Hue-Saturation to change the colors until it looked decent. Now, because I changed the colors on a Multiply layer, the actual layer that I changed is a rediculous color...

But when on Multiply, at about 76.0 Opacity, it looks fine.

03: I made a New from Visible layer, blurred with with Gaussian Blur, and then put it on Overlay at about 23.0 Opacity. This is just to clarify the coloring.

04: Now, I wanted the hair to be a bit more defined, so I went in and tried to bring out the shading a bit more with a light blue (#9cbbd9) color and a brush. I am super lazy about plugging in my tablet, so I did all this with my mouse... it's just faster that way. This layer went on Multiply at about 74.0 Opacity.

05: Now, I add this texture, by defaultsettings put it on Hard Light, but I don't like the way the color effects the image, so I changed the color of the texture until I got something I liked... it ended up somewhere in the blue range. Still, there's not much of a big difference when it's on Hard Light at 9.5 Opacity. You could probably easily get this effect by putting a New from Visible layer on screen.

06: Trying to tweak the coloring, so I make a New from Visible and play with the Color Balance a bit.

07: Now I'm worried about the skin colors, so I add a warmer texture again by defaultsettings, on Hard Light at about 30.0 Opacity.

08: Now it's too light, but I add this texture by innocent_lexys to help focus the brightness. This one is on Overlay at about 67.5 Opacity.

09: New From Visible, and Gaussian Blur. Then I mess with Curves until I have something that looks like this.

Now that goes on Overlay, at about 39.0 Opacity.

10: Now, I don't want to loose too much of that blue I had going earlier, so I mess with the Hue-Saturation. I tend to like to Over-Saturate a bit like this...

Then pull down the Opacity until it's balanced again. In this case I took it down to about 58.0 Opacity.

11: Now, since this image is so light, I wanted to add something dark at the bottom to get the focus to go toward the face, so I added this texture by aquatilitis on Multiply and erased some of it.

12: Now I add this texture by defaultsettings on Overlay at about 84.0 Opacity. I erased some sections of the texture.

13: And this texture by shalowater on Overlay, erasing sections that don't blend well, especially around the face.

14: Next, New from Visible, Gaussian Blur, and take another shot at the coloring. I try to keep things very dark because I'm trying to bring out the shading of the original image. I likely used a mix of Hue-Saturation, and Curves to achieve this.

This layer went at about 40.5 Opacity... I forgot to save the results, and I'm too lazy to go back and get it...

15: I wanted the face to have a better skintone color, so I went in and actually painted over the skin portions with a brush. It took two layers of that section, one on Multiply at 54.0 Opacity, and one on Color at about 19.0 Opacity to get the skin to look skin-colored. I also brightened the eyes, lips, and tattoos on the face.

16: And lastly, I added this textrure by discolemonaaade on Overlay at about 51.0 Opacity!

And that's all there is to it!

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