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Icon Tutorial

Requested by adrastea~

01: I started with my original image, extending the portion of the grass where it cut off.

02: Then I added this texture by spooky_window on Hard Light Opacity about 46.5.

03: Next, I used Create New from Visible, and used Gaussian Blur, then darkened the layer a bit with the Curves tool.

04: I put this layer on Overlay at about 55.5 Opacity.

05: Next I add this texture by defaultsettings on Hard Light. I erased some of the areas of the texture where the color doesn't blend well with the image.

06: And then I add this texture on screen. After figuring out where the texture looks best, I used the Colorize tool to make the lines green instead of white.

07: Next I add the text. I wanted it to be pretty simple, so I used Terminal Medium Italic. I placed the text underneath the defaultsettings texture layer.

08: And finally I added my favorite for no reason texture by sanctuarylight on Overlay at about 55.5 Opacity.

And that's it!

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