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Spam Post!

Okay, so I've been wanting to change out my wallpaper for ages now... I've had the same one for months, and it's finally gotten to the point that I want to change it out for something new and shiny... problem is, I always have a hard time choosing what image to use for making a new one... so I thought I'd just let everyone spam me with images that the'd like for wallpapers or icons, and maybe something will hit me!

Speed Spam Post
- C L O S E D -

RULES (like you guys need them by now)
[x] NO PORN.
[x] Bonus points if I know the series, but please add the name of the series so I can properly tag things later~
[x] Original art is fine too!
[x] Please specify if you want anything to be an icon or a wallpaper if you care. If not, I'll just do whatever XD
[x] All graphics made from this spam post will be SHARABLE!
[x] Links... not images. You know the drill.

Spam away! I'm waiting~
This spam post will close in a few days.
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