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The month of lovers.
I made it through January, so here I am, back again for February as promised! Now, if anyone remembers, I mentioned changing up some of the things on LJ when I got back, so here's what I'm planning on doing.

I tend to be very motivated by themes when I make icons. I can't just sit and make a nice icon, I need something to get my brain going. So, to create an interesting challenge for myself, each month I will create a new challenge for the month. This month I will be going a bit easy on myself and make OTP icons, because I just got off my hiatus and I need to get GIMP dusted off and get back into practice. But in the future, the challenges will be a bit more interesting~

For more fun, check out my Tumblr! I'll be updating it with fun images, and whatever might pop into my head. And if you have any questions for me, there's an Ask feature on Tumblr~

ALSO, don't forget to request something as I celebrate 100+ watchers!

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