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Speed Requests~

For no particular reason I feel like doing some more icons... so hit me!
Also, as a side note... we're almost to 90 watchers here~ So exciting!

Speed Requests!

[x] You may request 1 image for me to icon
[x] No manga coloring~
[x] HQ images if possible, please
[x] Preferably anime/manga requests, but I'll do my best with whatever you throw at me
[x] no porn, or anything that would be considered offensive
[x] Reserving is fine, but please come back in 12 hours or less or I'll give your slot to the next person in line
[x] Icons will be made within a day or two. All requests will be shareable

Please use this form when requesting~

Image: here
Series/Character: Series and Character go here
Preferences: Any type of style, color, or other specifications can go here~

1. kira_yuki
2. miyasaikou
3. afteriwake
4. descocoparadox
5. sweetly_beth
Tags: !requests

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