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Rockn' Rumble - LIMS Talk

I really shouldn't have signed up for another LIMS, but astrokitty's new community, rocknrumble looked too fun to pass up. Plus, I'm always looking for ways to improve my typeography... so there you have it.

I signed up as Vash the Stampede this time around!

Challenge 01 - Leave Your Heart in San Francisco
Round 01 - Week 01
original image

Rules: For the first week we were given the straightforward challenge of using lyrics from Music Is The Victim by The Scissor Sisters. For bonus points, we had to incorporate a character in movement, use a provided resource, and use lyrics that had been bolded, indicating that they were more challenging lyrics to use.

I think this is probably the best icon I made for the whole LIMS... it was really tough to choose an image, and I was determined to use something with wings. I finally found that image, and had a blast getting Van's skin to look normal-ish (because he's pretty much orange in the original) and trying to get that provided image to show up in the sky. I was super happy with the icon at the end, and I got some decent comments on it.

Challenge 02 - I Believe in a Thing Called Love
original image / coloring

Rules: For this challenge we were given the lyrics I Believe in a Thing Called Love by The Darkness and given the additional challenge of having to make a shape out of our text (and no squares/rectangles!)

There's nothing worse then spending hours cleaning screentone, redrawing lines, and coloring manga only to make an ugly icon out of it. But I was desperate to get my entry in, so what you see is what you get. I also had a lot of trouble with pixilized lines... I just don't know why images hate me when I to size them down. Does anyone have any suggestions for that?

Challenge 03 - Dead Language Week
original image

Rules: As promised by astrokittie, we got to work with a dead language! We were given lyrics from a Gaulish song called Slanias Song by Eluveitie. As a bonus, we could feature a character wearing armor or a uniform, and/or provide the English translation along with the Gaulish.

The theme was surprisingly easy all things considered. At first I wanted to work with Bleach, but that didn't work out so good, so I went with Sango and Kohaku, because it fit the lyrics really good, and they wear their slayer uniforms... too good to pass up! I can't say I was very pleased with the icon when I was done, but I got some awesome comments on it, so I guess I did a good job?

Challenge 04 - People Are People
Round 01 - Week 04
original image

Rules: For this challenge we had to incorporate two people in the icon, as well as lyrics from People Are People by Depeche Mode.

A pretty straightforward theme... but for a peacemaker shoujo-girl like me it was hard to find something for the lyrics. I did end up using Bleach this week! Yay GrimmIchi. I worked pretty hard on this icon, and I really liked it. I felt like I was breaking my streak of making ugly icons (I really did sign up for too many LIMS all at once) but sadly nobody really liked the icon... why? I really didn't get any feedback either, so I feel pretty let down to have it rejected without really knowing why.

Challenge 05 - Get Crazy
Round 01 - Week 05
original image / manipulation
This icon won Mod's Choice!

Rules: So basically this last challenge was a party of epic craziness and cheese. We needed to use lyrics from Loser by Beck (which has the most insane lyrics I've ever seen.) and have a predominantly yellow/orange scheme. And for bonus points we could feature a character with piercings, incorperate a jar of Cheese Whiz or a can of Easy Cheese, and use some of the bolded lyrics in the icon.

Basically at this point I knew I couldn't win, so I just did what the challenge was asking for XD
I had a lot of fun with the manipulation, and this image was totally perfect for it! I tried to do a graffiti look for the background, but obviously I failed.

In the end I ranked 7th... I guess giving the Mod what she was asking for payed off? 'Cuz I was 10th pretty much the whole thing XD

If you want to see what the talented people did for these insane themes, head this way~
And you should join rocknrumble while you're over there... it really was a blast to work with crazy lyrics!
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