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Shoujo Battle - LIMS Talk

I really enjoyed the interesting themes at shoujo_battle . It was casino themed this round, which means that it took both skill and a little luck to win! 

My alias this time around was Keiichi Shimizu from La Corda d'Oro~
Love the alias icons this round, so cool~

Challenge 01 - Pick a Card, Any Card!

original image / manipulation

Rules: Create an icon that represents any of the cards in the deck. The catch is, you can't actually make the icon look like a card! Extra points for adding a suit symbol, having a rectangle element, and having a predominantly red/black/white color scheme. 

I had such a hard time with this icon. I was just so stuck on using this image after I put so much effort into the manipulations. I had a lot of fun re-shading, and adding the little decorative elements to her outfit, but it took such a looong time. I thought the icon was pretty good, but after a few negative comments and coming back a bit later, I realized that it wasn't actually that great. My least favorite crit was "the white line around Yuuki makes it appear badly extracted" because I actually added the white outline because I've gotten crits for there not being enough difference between the character and the background... you can't win either way I guess.

Challenge 02 - The One-Armed Bandit

original slots / original slow motion

Slots Rules: The theme was to chose between three criteria, or add as many elements as we could for bonus points. Provided Texture, Bright Colors, and a Currency Symbol. We also had to have at least one duplicate of the image.

Bonus Rules: For bonus points, we had to make an icon using lyrics from the song "Slow Motion" by Panda Bear.

I knew I wanted to use that Lovely Complex image the moment I read the themes. I love making bright icons, and that is such a fun image! Adding the currency symbol was pretty easy, and I actually drew those squiggles in the background myself, to add a fun atmosphere. I was really happy, because I wanted to redeem myself after making that ugly Yuuki icon last week.

For the second icon, I was really upset, because I've been getting into an icon slump (that means it feels like I can't make any pretty icons anymore, so it's not fun anymore) so I stuck to a series I'm more comfortable making icons with. I chose that image to show off my skills as a (self proclaimed) touch-up artist. Yunoki + pink background = hot.

Challenge 03 - Spin the Wheel

original image

Rules: Create an icon that uses terminology from Roulette, and use the provided image somewhere in the icon as well. (that would be the wheel in the back behind Zero) For bonus points, add some drama either by expression, or dramatic lighting or use of textures, and don't use a bottom OR center crop.

I felt that not using a bottom or center crop would be pretty easy, considering I generally don't use a center crop anyway. I chose the terminology "Voisins du Zero" because I figured if nothing else, Zero was in it /lame reason. I feel bad, I extracted the whole image and ended up putting it on a black background anyway...

I was really, really pleased with how this one turned out. I liked the composition, and the lighting, and I felt I'd taken a bold risk by leaving that bar at the top. I didn't really get any satisfactory crits, and it seemed like nobody really liked it at all... why can't I make pretty VK icons that someone besides me likes? 

Challenge 04 - Going All In

original 01 / original 02 / original 03
This set won Mod's Choice~

Rules: Create either two or three icons that revolve around the theme "chance". For bonus points add themes from any casino game.

At this point, I knew I wouldn't be winning anything, and I really don't like making a tri-set because I'm not very creative. I had a hard time fitting the theme chance, so I chose to do lyrics/quotes/made up texty stuff that had chance in it, that counts, right? I have just finished watching Haruka Naru Toki no Naka de (no, I didn't look at the title while typing that) and I loved it! (I've gotta watch more Koei stuff~) So I really wanted to use images from that series. I feel really comfortable working with these game scans, because it's so much like working with La Corda images! I felt really good about the set overall. Considering I pulled it out last minute, I'm really happy with it! The first one really pulled together, and helped me create a vision for the other two.

I ranked 10th overall... /cries in corner
If you wanna see all the amazing entries by some of the most amazing people, including the winners, go check out the Showcase!
And while you're at it, join the comm, it's amazing~
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