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Blogcew: Color Claim

[x] Only one claim per person, and once the color is claimed, you have to choose something different.
[x] You can claim any color, just be sure to give me the HTML code. If you're unsure of the color code, just give me an example of the color.
[x] For more on color codes in HTML, look at this!

When submitting a claim, please use this format:

Once you've claimed your color, I will give you a banner that looks a lot like this:

Please save your banner, and link it back to this post so others can claim a color of their own~
You can put the banner anywhere on your F-page, or profile.

If the banner is too large, let me know and I'll size it down a bit for you!

8B0000 - claret_stars
FF0000 - [info]descocoparadox
FD9B00 - [info]kuruccha
FFDAB9 - [info]reilin
9ACD32 - [info]airsongs
7FFFD4 - [info]dutsky
00CED1 - gingerholly
00CEF3 - [info]bog_initiate
6495ED - [info]rashiea
539DC2 - [info]afteriwake
007BA7 - [info]nacchie
700070 - soulosiris
705574 - lady_noremon
808080 - [info]anjichan
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