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Wallpaper Requests

I've been trying to practice making wallpapers for a little while now. Some turn out better then others, but I've been reluctant to post any of them... I still need more practice. XD

So now I'm opening up a wallpaper speed request~ First five people to comment can request one wallpaper! Please be sure to include the size of your desktop, so the wallpaper will fit, plus any details (like what side you like to keep stuff on your desktop, or if you have one of those little sidebars on the left of right of the screen)


[x] Request only one image. No manga panels, please~
[x] Holding is fine, but only if you come back in 24-hours
[x] The image you provide should be as HQ and large as possible
[x] Specify any text, size, or other details
[x] NO PORN! I'd prefer to work with pretty/cute/inspiring art, nothing creepy :3
[x] If you provide me with fanart, or original artwork, please be sure to give me the name of the artist
[x] If you don't have any art in mind, just give me a theme to search on zerochan~ just remember the no porn rule! 
[x] No re-distributing the wallpapers to other sites, or on your journal without permission, please!

Feel free to use this posting format:

Image: here
Series/Character: add artist's name here if using fanart/original art
Desktop Size
Color Preference
Preference for the color scheme? Should I notuse any certain colors?
Text: If you have any particular text in mind, add it here.
Other Preferences: Anything I missed? Sidebar on your desktop? Specific placement to the left or right for the character/image?
Shareable? Would you like the wallpaper to be all your own, or share it with the rest of the world?
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