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shounenbattle - LIMS Talk


I signed up at shounenbattle for Round 04 as Fai. It was a blast! I don't make nearly enough shounen icons, and it was a nice challenge for me. Probably the best icons I've made for a LIMS ever! I acually really wanted to be in Team Pirates... there's something attractive about pirates, is there not? 

Challenge 01 - Capture the Flag

original image

Rules: Create an icon to represent your team. I was sorted to Team Pirates, so our criteria was to represent our team by use of character, text... whatever, and use the team color (red).

I totally thought I had this in the bag. I had no cool images to use, so I went over on Zerochan and did a search for pirates. When I saw this, I did a google search to find out if it was shounen or shoujo, and then made this! I was really pleased with the end result, and I was a tad disappointed with the comments I got for it... looking back now though, I agree.

And the winner of the round and our team's flag is right on... duh, use One Piece... never watched it, but I do know it's about pirates.

Challenge 02 - Sticks and Stones

original image

Rules: Make an icon that insults someone on a different team.

This seemed like an impossible theme for me. I don't make fun of people... I may not like a character, but I don't go as far as making fun of them... and to add to that, I was positive that I was going to get slammed with insults about gay vampires...

I am not pleased with this icon at all... I'm personally shocked that I wasn't shot for making this.

Challenge 03 - Hide and Seek
original hide / original seek 
Seek won Mod's Choice~

Hide Rules: Make an icon with a hidden object.
Seek Rules: Make an icon to represent someone seeking. You could also add your teams criteria to the icon for bonus points. Team Pirates criteria where Red, Brown, X, and a dashed line

And just when I thought it couldn't be harder... I was really excited to make the Seek icon... but the Hidden Object icon was really hard for me. I made three icons before I submitted the Zangetsu one. I think the hidden text is waaaay too easy to find, but if you can't find it, there's text at the top of the icon "What is my name"
I think I was inspired by a passing fairy while making the Seek icon. I found that image, and from there it just seemed to all come together. Fix the skin tone, add more red to the hair, perfect text placement, decorative X (way out of fashion, but hey), and finally, a stroke of genious.... the dashed line brush that's supposed to be used to go around the border of an icon, turned sideways and erased where it overlaps the text and X's.

I thank everyone who gave me such lovely comments for this icon, because I was truely proud of it... but especially the one who said "I love the creative way you used the dashed line! I love the composition; the caption & image go together wonderfully and I love the texture work. You even make that outdated xxxx brush trend look cool again! Fab work!"

Whoever said this made my day... really and truely.

Challenge 04 - Cops and Robbers
original cop / original robber

Cop Rules: Make an icon that shows a character who is an authority figure.
Robber Rules: Make an icon that has text that pertains to breaking the rules/law.

I immediately knew I wanted to do Shinigami-sama for the cops icon. I think it's simple, but gets my point across. I wasn't as pleased with the Robbers icon... I worked on it forever, but it never got to where I really wanted it to go.

Challenge 05 - Rock, Paper, Scissors

original image / colored manga
This icon won Mod's Choice~

Rules: Choose a weapon, make an icon using the criteria for it. This is also a head-to-head battle for extra points... if you choose the right weapon and beat your opponent, you get extra points! I chose to do scissors. The criteria was something cut, (a cut can include any form of visible separation of an element) and lyrics from Fire with Fire by the Scissor Sisters.

This was my favorite round.

I immediately knew I wanted to use this image. I didn't look at the lyrics, I just saw the "A cut can include any form of visible separation of an element" and this image popped in my head.

I colored the manga really carefully. then cropped, adding more space between the two pieces of Jaken... and I just knew I would have to add blood... for some reason all you shounen people love gore... and I'm on a high from this creative juice.

The lyrics actually worked perfectly for what I was doing, and with a little work with the blood, I think this is the best icon I made for the whole battle. And if nobody other then me catches the joke, in Japan, rock, paper, scissors is called "Janken" and I used an image of "Jaken" XD

The comments for this icon left me breathless. Thanks to all of the voters who left such lovely comments for it <33

Challenge 06 - A Girl Worth Fighting For

original image

Rules: Make an icon that represents a couple fighting for their love.

This is the ugliest icon I made for the whole battle. I was originally thinking IchiRuki, but then I thought of this image.... which is too perfect for the theme. I over-sharpened, and it ended up pixilized. This was an expiriment with some new textures and layers for me... it would have been a lot better if I hadn't messed it up with pixilization.

Challenge 07 - What Doesn't Kill You...
original death / original strenght

Rules: Make two icons. One to represent Death, and the other to represent Strenght. We are now battling against our own teammate... MUST CRUSH KOHANE-CHAN!

I was pretty pleased with both icons. And just for the record... I actually hated Naruto. I hated Sasuke more. This is how badly I wanted to get into the final round... I made a Sasuke icon with an image of a half-naked Sasuke.... it didn't help me any though XD

After that I got eliminated... crushed more like. Kohane-chan was too strong for Fai-chan XD
In the end I'm glad I wasn't in the final round. Kohane-chan did a far better job then I could have.
There is a lovely showcase of all the wonderful icons from Round 04 right this way!
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