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Icon Tutorial

Requested by kira_yuki  for my Ask Me post~ I don't usually save .psd/.xcf files, but I think this is pretty close to the original!

From  to

01: Prepare your base. I started with this image

This is the result.

02: Use the lasso tool to cut Tamaki away from the original background of the image. You may need to put the image on Alpha Channel in order to get a clear background.

Saving it at this point as a .png image will keep the base's background cleared.

Now we'll be brighting up the image, because it's a little dingy.

03: Copy and paste Tamaki, put the layer on overlay at about 70% Opacity. This will change based on what you're using.

Create a new layer from visible and put it at 18% Opacity on Multiply.

Merge the adjustment layers together and go to Colors >> Brightness-Contrast. Brightness -6, Contrast 14. Do not flatten the image though, or you'll have to re-clean the image.

Your base should look more like this now~

04: Add your texture.
by Manila-craze on DA

This texture doesn't match the color scheme that I want to use, but I like the texture, so next we'll be changing the color of the texture.

Color >> Hue-Saturation Hue 180, Lightness 63, Saturation 4.

It's too dark, so now we'll add another texture, and put it on screen behind Tamaki.

by jdsanctuary

Duplicate the same texture, and put it on Overlay at about 20% Opacity on top of everything, including Tamaki.

05: Now Tamaki might be a little too dark, so I copy him, and put him on Screen at about 30% Opacity


Now it's finished! Save your work as a .png for best quality! 

The original icon made for Week 04 at shoujochallenge 

If you want to know how I made an icon, or if you have a nagging question ask me! 

Ask The Maker || My Thread
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