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Help Japan Icon/Manga Coloring Requests

I am offering icons and manga coloring for Help Japan V-gifts at help_japan. My thread can be found here.

Please do not request unless you have donated to help Japan.


(click for fullsized)

If you have donated, you may comment to this post with 5 images or 2 manga panels. Please be specific as to the panel you'd like, to avoid mistakes on my behalf. For more examples of my work, please feel free to look around my LJ. Things are very carefully tagged.

[x] For images, please provide me with the name of the series, and the character~
[x] For manga, please pick a high quality scan if possible, in addition to the series and character. If there are spoilers, please add a warning.
[x] Please be specific to the character(s) you'd like in the icon if there are multiple characters in the image.

Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
Color Reference: (for manga coloring)
Series: (of each image you're requesting)
Text: (if you'd like text, or if you'd rather they remain textless.)
Warnings: (If there are spoilers, please notify me here. Note that I still will not allow porn. If there is porn in any of your requested images I will ignore them and ask you to change it.)

Thank you for your support of Japan!

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