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St. Patrick's Day Icon Challenge/Graphics Party

I've been pretty bored, so I decided I'd try hosting a graphics party again! Please promote as much as possible, I'm hoping this will be as successful as the Christmas Gift Exchange!

For this challenge you must create a tri-set of icons, each featuring something symbolic of St. Patrick's Day. I'm providing a list of things to choose from:

Get your Green on!” - In addition to the provided list of themes, all the icons should have a large dose of the color green!

The Shamrock – St. Patrick was known for using a clover as an example when he taught, so any use of a clover will fit this theme.

Feasting – St. Patrick's Day is traditionally a feasting day, so show a party atmosphere, preferably with food or drink!

Kiss Me, I'm Irish” - You know the saying! Show a kissing couple

Sports – Lot's of sports fans know there's a good game of something on St Patty's day. Show any type of sport for this theme!

Leprechauns – Use some sort of text that would make you think of a Leprechaun. Like “Pot of gold” or something like that.

Pinch – If you don't wear green you get a pinch, so if you choose this theme you have to show someone either teasing, or in pain. You can also ignore the “must be green” for this icon only.

Dye It Green – A tradition for St. Patrick's Day is to dye water green, so for this icon you can change something that was originally a different color to green. Extra bonus points if there's water featured as well!

You're Drunk” - We know it happens... more fines are passed to intoxicated people during St. Patrick's Day then any other holiday. Show someone drunk.

'Alice' – In Rolla, Missouri science students used to create a pit of green liquid called 'Alice' that people would step into. Stepping into Alice was a rite of bravery. It was banned due to health concerns. For this icon you need to show someone being brave, or having to do something disgusting.

If you know of any other good traditions to add, please share them!

You can also use these promotional banners to spread the word!
It took me forever to find images with anime/manga characters holding/with a clover, so I have no idea what any of these are from... you can find the originals here on ZeroChan.

If there are enough icons for voting the winners will receive banners and the first place winner can choose if they want a custom userhead or a v-gift (since I started participating at remixed and now I have LJ-tokens sitting around)

All participants have the option of receiving a participation banner at the end if they so choose. Just say if you want one when you enter your icons~

You can enter as many sets as you like!
The tri-set can be mixed anime/manga
Do not show your icons anywhere before the icons are revealed.
Icons must fit the LJ standard of 100x100, and 40kbs
All icons are due by Wednesday, March 16

Please use this format when posting submissions. You may enter as many times as you like, but please try to keep all your submissions in one comment.

Direct Links:
Themes Used: (put the themes here, provide an explanation if you don't think it's clear enough on it's own)

If there aren't enough icons for voting, I'll do a showcase and provide participation banners to the participants. I'm hoping there will be enough icons for voting though~

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