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Wallpaper Image Suggestions

Hey guys, I know I haven't been updating a lot lately. Things have been so slow, plus with all the extentions at my icontests I've been waiting to post my next big batch (because somehow I've warped myself into thinking I must have 100 icons or more in order to post XD)

Anyway. I've been more interested in practicing with larger graphics now. I think I could learn to use space better if I use something larger, so I'm going to take image suggestions... call it a pic-spam post! Just drop any images that are within the requirements, and you might see it on a wallpaper or FO banner in the near future.

[x] Images must be HUGE and HQ (I have a really big screen)
[x] Images should probably be official art. If not, then please have the artist's permission (proof that you have permission would be nice too)
[x] Feel free to throw me as many images as you like, but I'll only do what I feel like doing, so don't feel offended if I don't use your suggestions.
[x] I'd prefer to work within my comfort zone (a.k.a series' that I know.) although I'm happy to work with any pretty art!

Please follow this guideline for your suggestions. Please be sure to add the series that the image is from so I can properly tag the graphics. Please also use direct links so the page can load faster.

Image: http://imagelinkgoeshere
Character/Series: Character's Name from Animanga
Tags: !requests
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