Cyan (cool_spectrum) wrote,

6 Manga Panels

A few older panels done for otp20in20 and other icontests. No icons or banners this time, but if you have a request, feel free to ask!

[x] 4 From Far Away for otp20in20
[x] 1 Inuyasha
[x] 1 La Corda d'Oro
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Characters: Izark, Noriko, and Banadam
Series: From Far Away
Time: 1 hour 30 minuites

Characters: Izark and Noriko
Series: From Far Away
Time: About 1 hour

Characters: Izark and Noriko
Series: From Far Away
Time: 1 hour

Characters: Izark and Noriko
Series: From Far Away
Time: I think it was almost four hours over two days...

Characters: Inuyasha and Kagome
Series: Inuyasha
Time: Two hours and some odd minuites

Character: Hihara Kazuki
Series: La Corda d'Oro
Time: less then an hour

[x] Do not take the manga panels for other graphics. If you want to use them for anything you must ask me first.
[x] Please do not edit these in any way
[x] If you would like icons or other graphics made out of these, please ask me.

Tags: !manga coloring, anime/manga: from far away, anime/manga: inuyasha, anime/manga: la corda d'oro

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