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BLEACH Wallpaper

I decided to play with making wallpapers, and although I made several, most of them didn't turn out very good. I hope I can continue to try and make more, but until then, crits on how I could do better are appreciated!

This wallpaper was greatly inspired by lack of anything to do, and the love of this image. I put the black bars there because I like the slimming effect, and it allows for the wallpaper to fit on different sized desktops better. I also don't like white/light wallpapers personally, so the darkness helped to keep the balance.


(click for fullsized)

Please let me know if you need alterations to fit your personal computer.
Crits and suggestions for future wallpapers are appreciated!

[x] Please do not reuse this wallpaper for banners, icons or any other graphic related thing.
[x] Comments are great, but I don't require them
[x] Feel free to alter this wallpaper to fit your own desktop, but do not re-share the altered version as your own
[x] Please save to your own server
[x] Enjoy!
Tags: !wallpapers, anime/manga: bleach

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