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Happy New Year!

It's 12:00, and that means it's officially 2011 for me! Happy New Year everyone, and many more to come! 
Any decent Fruits Basket fan will see that I've gone and colored a picture of our favorite cursed Sohma of the year, Momiji. If you have not seen Fruits Basket you are out of luck, and I suggest you go watch it. If you have seen it, lucky you, because in the anime and manga they are celebrating Year of the Rabbit. I know this for a fact, I rewatched the anime today XD

Just click for a bigger one. Also as a nice note, this is the first manga panel I've colored with my new Bamboo Tablet! Looks the same, yes? Well, it didn't feel the same for all it's worth. It took me three times longer to clean out the screentone and redraw some of the lines, though I admit once I got used to it, I found a rythem. The tablet is also more sensitive then my mouse, so if my hand wiggled even a little, the line got crooked. Angles where also harder, I tried moving the tablet around and they where even more off, so I ended up leaning my arm funny. Well, I won't give up! I've wanted a tablet for a long time and I won't just give up right after I finally get one! That would be silly. The plus side of the tablet is that the mouse feels heavier after using the pen for awhile. Also, the sensitivity gave it a nice look, and the lines are more accurate. Also, due to wiggling while I was blurring a layer for the eyes, I discovered a new way of making the eyes more dimentional. I really like the way they turned out, and I'll expiriment with the gradation more now! Maybe next time I color, I'll try a more Cellshaded style... but I have a hard time leaving lines.... so then again, maybe not. You never know!

Highlights of my year... I found some awesome graphics journals this year. I also joined awards_anime, and that has helped me find some amazing people! I also tried my first 20in20 challenge, otp20in20! (voting is up by the way, go vote people XD)

My new years resolutions will probably be something like this... get better at manga coloring, and learn how to use my tablet. Try to get better at text on my icons. And maybe I should resolve to try cellshading...

Happy New Years, everyone! I wish you all the best!

As a side note: Please do not take my coloring. I worked hard on it, and I promise I'll make icons of it later, maybe even FO banners. If you want if for anything right away, ask me permission. If I see it being used anywhere, I will ask you to take it down.
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