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Requests are always open. If you have something that you would like, please drop a comment here! I'm willing make icons, color manga, or attempt a banner. Please note the rules, and make sure that your request is within my ability before you start asking for stuff though.

[x] No porn. I don't mind if the series has porn-stuff in it, but don't give me a porny image. If you do, I will ignore you.
[x] I do not icon real people, stock photos, and the like.
[x] Please be as specific as possible about your request. Emotion you'd like to convey, colors you'd like to see, if there's text you'd like specifically, ect.
[x] Your request may take awhile to process, depending on the amount of time I have during the week. Please don't get upset if it takes a long time for me to get done.
[x] Please specify if you want your request shareable or not. If you do not, I will assume shareable and post it with all my other graphics.
[x] Don't be greedy. I'll only take a few requests at a time. You are only allowed to request a few things, and you are not allowed to come back with more stuff a couple days later.
[x] If you want me to color you a manga panel, please specify what part of the panel you want, the character, if you want the whole thing, or just icons, and provide me with a good color reference. Also add your preferences if you have any.
[x] If you want a banner, please be specifit as to its size.
[x] Please credit me for any icons, banners, manga colorings, or whatever.

Also note that my strong poins are my icons and manga coloring, therefore your requests should be for those in general.

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