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Who's Got Who

aentee ---has--- nna_chan
airockz69 ---has--- lenaleemelodee
blackened_skin ---has--- rashiea
ce_lestic ---has--- samuraiblues
cool_spectrum ---has--- mymorphine
crescent_dreams ---has--- adrastea
daisyulliel ---has--- the_drop_zone
discordous ---has--- lefthandpenguin & pikatic
fadedincolor ---has--- ce_lestic
hawuna ---has--- crescent_dreams
seiuns ---has--- miszxbrii
laa_chan ---has--- blackened_skin & royalbk
lefthandpenguin ---has--- chilledpurple
lenaleemelodee ---has---  hawuna
miszxbrii  ---has--- fadedincolor
mymorphine ---has--- daisyulliel & caminoodle
nna_chan ---has--- laa_chan
pikatic ---has--- yorleni 
pinkified ---has---  grimoire
rashiea ---has--- aentee
grimoire ---has--- vai_rin
royalbk ---has--- upko
samuraiblues ---has--- sumeragi_sei
schmaltzyyy  ---has--- pinkified
sumeragi_sei ---has--- airockz69
the_drop_zone ---has--  schmaltzyyy
adrastea ---has--- discordous
upko ---has--- seiuns
vai_rin ---has--- omaewa 

Thank you everyone! Especially our backup graphic makers!
In addition to this list, I've updated the present post with the names of the graphics makers! You can see that here!
Tags: !celebrate
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