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Graphics Gift Exchange

This is my first gift exchange! I'm super excited, so let's get a lot of participants, yes? Please advertise this in as many places as possible!


For this gift exchange we're keeping it as simple as possible. Use the form below and comment here, the comments are screened. Fill everything as clearly as you can. For this exchange you're allowed to ask for icons, wallpapers, banners, colorings, etc. When you sign up your name will be thrown into the hat. If you do not have time for making other people graphics for this exchange, please mention it right away! If you are unable to make graphics later on, backups will take your name, but I'd like to avoid this if possible. NOTE: You do not have to make graphics for this if you don't know how/don't have time! That's what backups are for!

People are able to sign up until December 1st. On December 1st I will draw names from a hat and notify each participant their person and their wish list. You are allowed to do as many of the requests as you are comfortable with/want to do. It doesn't have to be a lot, but please remember that someone else may be working hard for you, so do your best for the person you got! If you are uncomfortable with the quality of your gifts, you can drop out, but you HAVE to notify me as early as possible so that I can arrange a backup for your person. Please do NOT SHOW YOUR GIFTS ANYWHERE BEFORE THE DUE DATE!

On December 23rd All gifts must be posted to the screened post that I will be setting up for the exchange. I will make a post of all the icons and have them up on December 24th. That will be when you can reveal who you had, and party a little before crashing before Christmas morning!
- Please fill out all the information so that your gifts will match up as best they can
- If you are not able to make gifts for others or feel that your skill level is not high enough then please notify me along with your wish list or as soon as possible so I can make arrangements
- If you are able to be a backup for people who cannot make gifts, please also notify me with your wish list
-  If you have a question to ask your person, please give me the message and I'll pass it on. This is more fun if it's a surpirse
- DO NOT post your gifts anywhere before the big Christmas post on December 24th
- If you have an issue with the person you where given, or if you are incapable of the type of graphic asked of you, please tell me ASAP and I'll try to trade you out with someone else
- If the gift given to you isn't up to your standards, please don't get angry or burn the person who made graphics for you. Remember, they worked hard to make the gifts for you, and it's Christmas. Don't ruin someone else's Christmas by being snobbish. If you feel that strongly then you may PM me and I'll see what I can do.

Please use the following format for your wish list.

I don't have very many watchers, so share this banner everywhere you possibly can! Feel free to hotlink as well!

Any other questions? ask here! Comments are screened.
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