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Icon Meme

Okay, so I got this from fadedincolor! Here's the deal, comment here and I'll have to go and pick out 6 of your userpics, and then you have to make a post just like this one and talk about them!

Here are the icons fadedincolor chose from my userpics!
 by carameldom 
I love the boldness of the colors in this icon! The texture in Rukia's hair is really interesting, something I would never have thought of doing. It's really modern-feeling, and I just love the simple elegance of the overall look!

 by bomdigity 
This is one of my very first icons I ever uploaded! At the time I was pretty new to the La Corda d'Oro anime, so I was pretty much won over with the good crop and simpleness! I've pretty much stuck with this icon since then, and I can't bear to get rid of it. So here it is... a year and some months later!

 by juisse 
Aria/Aqua is one of my newer favorite anime! This icon is really perfect for the series! the way the water meets the sky really works with the anime, plus I've really been into negative space icons for a few months now! 

 by minrathous 
My favorite scene in La Corda d'Oro turned on it's side to be oober romantic. What else do I have to say? I wish this scene was for real!

 by sumeragi_sei 
Firstly, sumeragi_sei is one of my favorite icon makers ever. Secondly, this icon totally rocks! I adore the use of text (I really stink at text) the textures really set the mood for me, and then it's almost Halloween, so it was perfect for the season! 

 by rashiea
This is just one of those icons that you see and go "Is that Zero in pigtails?" Yes, that is Zero in pigtails. Yes, I was immediately charmed and had to have it. Yes, I actually got rid of another icon of Zero to make room for this icon. Yes, it is totally worth having!!

Now comment here to pass on this awesome meme and I'll go through your userpics!
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