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Hi, I'm Cyan! This journal is a place for me to share about icon-related stuff, stuff I'm up to, and events.

Current favorite icons:

You can also spot me:
5 fun facts about Cyan:

1. I use GIMP to make my icons. I guess this impresses some people. If I can ever afford Photoshop, I'll let you know.

2. I've been iconning since late '08. Here are some icons from '09 that I'm not completely ashamed of.

3. Unpopular opinion. I like pretty anime girls over pretty anime boys.

4. My first anime series was Fruits Basket. I shipped Yuki/Tohru and wanted Haru all to myself.

5. I'm not this cool in real life.

Random recommendations: anime, Hidamari Sketch // manga, Crescent Moon by Haruko Iida // soundtrack, OST from Ouran High School Host Club // song, Honeybee by Steam Powered Giraffe // font, Two Cents // non-animated movie, Secret of Moonacre // website, ayoungscores.com, your new favorite male character, Nozaki Umetaro // your new favorite female character, Kitashirakawa Tamako // your new favorite OTP, Miniwa Tsumiki & Otonashi Io // go crazy.

Drop a comment if you're feeling friendly, need another recommendation, or have a request!
Current Mood: pleasedpleased