December 22nd, 2013

[Kamisama] Tomoe/Nanami Surprise

ATLA & LOK Battle

Anbody else still in love with Avatar: The Last Airbender? I'll probably always love the series, so I jumped at the chance to compete over at nailbites in another icon battle... this time for ATLA, Legend of Korra (which I finally managed to watch now that it's out on DVD. Took me long enough.)

[Kamisama] Tomoe/Nanami Surprise

Anime20in20 - General Animanga

This final set for anime20in20 was a long farewell party for me while I was making the icons. In honor of the many rounds that I was able to participate in, I revisited and tried to make one icon from every anime I'd claimed in previous rounds. There are a few extras thrown in as well though!

Thanks to anime20in20's exciting themes and motivating participation banners I was able to consistantly make icons throughout the entire year which helped shape my style and caused my icons to improve rapidly in a short amount of time. For me, it never got old and I don't think it ever could.

Thanks so much to just_miya for an amazing job of running the community! You did a beautiful job of keeping things tidy and constantly organized! I hope you'll stick around with us on LJ <3

And without further ado... the icons! Hover to see the series.

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