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24 November 2013 @ 01:53 am
I just changed out my header and profile, so to celebrate here's a speed request post!

Speed Requests!

[x] You may request up to three (3) images for me to icon
[x] No manga coloring this time around.
[x] HQ images if possible, please
[x] Animanga, VG, Disney, and Stock imagery are all acceptable, although I'm willing to try other types of media as well~
[x] Images should be work safe... no nudity, porn, or offensive imagery please!
[x] Reserving is fine, but please come back within 12 hours or less or I'll give your slot to the next person in line
[x] Icons will be made as quickly as possible. All requests will be shareable

Please use this form when requesting~

1. p_for_polkadots
2. kencana_kencana

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