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11 March 2013 @ 01:59 pm
I'm back with a brand new LJ layout, which I'm very pleased with actually :3
I feel like practicing on my stock icons, so I'm looking for some inspiration! Hit me!

~Special Stock Speed Suggestions~

[x] You may request 3 themes for me to make icons from.
[x] This is a stock icon suggestion post, so don't ask for characters or props from tv/anime/manga/etc.
[x] no offensive themes please!
[x] All icons made for this will be shareable.

Themes: bubble tea, orange flowers, street signs

1. kyriefluffins - mail, coffee/tea, vintage books
2. rizbef - flowers, breakfast, dessert
3. vai_rin - birds, trees, stationary
4. lovelycherri - butterflies, ocean, ferris wheel
5. --