December 23rd, 2012

[Kamisama] Tomoe/Nanami Surprise

New Year's Raffle

Since the Christmas Raffle was such a sucess, I decided to do it again for New Year's!

Choose three numbers between 1 and 30. I’ll use to choose three numbers. It’s first come, first served for numbers, so if two people pick the same number, the person who claimed it first will receive the prize, unless that person has already won a prize.

The prizes are the same as last raffle...

Third Place: 1 wallpaper OR 5 icons
Second Place: 2 wallpapers OR 10 icons
GRAND PRIZE: 1 manga coloring, OR 2 wallpapers, OR 15 icons

So give it your best shot! I'll draw the numbers on December 30th!