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05 December 2012 @ 05:35 pm
These were done for the Mod's 30th Challenge over at clamp_icontest~  I chose blue mostly because I figured it would be the easiest theme for me, and I wanted to be able to finish the set in time despite how busy I've been. That being said, a lot of these icons are pretty lazy, and I'm afraid some of them are very over-sharpened DX

I'm also very unfamiliar with a lot of these, so I honestly have no idea if I even put these icons in the table properly... I used Wiki to figure out which series I actually used. But I had a lot of fun working with new scans, and I if anybody notices a series that I didn't mention, please let me know so I can tag the post properly?

Happy Birthday to wildmusings <3

[x] 30 CLAMP
[x] 07 Chobits
[x] 01 CLAMP School Detectives
[x] 04 Clover
[x] 02 RG Veda
[x] 04 Tokyo Babylon
[x] 02 Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles
[x] 01 Wish
[x] 03 X/1999
[x] 05 XxxHolic
[x] 01 Unkown

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