December 8th, 2010

[Kamisama] Tomoe/Nanami Surprise

OTP20in20 - La Corda d'Oro

otp20in20's first round! I was super excited, and once again, finished my challenge way too early. Next time I think I'd better give myself a harder challenge... like SessKag... anyway, the lovely mods at otp20in20 asked for a quick explanation as to why I picked what I did. Basically, La Corda has so many great couple images! If you're asking my true OTP from this series... it's totally 100% Hihara/Hino. Mostly because I like Hihara... XD But as you can see, I appreciate all (almost all anyway) the pairings of the series, I even managed to sqeak in a Fuyuumi/Shimizu icon <3 Also note the amount of text on these icons. I'm a Hush-girl... but for these challenge thingys I always have to put text on the icons... strange, no? Anyway, enough ranting... go enjoy the icons! And check out otp20in20 while you're at it!

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