November 13th, 2009

[Kamisama] Tomoe/Nanami Surprise

Iconfiend - Fruits Basket 100 Icon Challenge

Artist:  [info]cool_spectrum
Theme Set: Beta
Claim: Fruits Basket General Series
Warnings: None
Number of Icons: 100/100
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Please credit  [info]cool_spectrum for any icons taken
Comments are appreciated, but not nessicary
Please don't alter the icons in any way
Textless icons are not bases
Don't hotlink


I started this claim in the middle of summer, so I apologize that most of the icons are out of season.

I'll try to update this post once a week. I don't want to post them all at once because the HTML always messes up when I do. 

The Kanji on #81 means rabbit. 

This has been really fun! Thanks very much for looking them over! <3