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Another Icon Tutorial

Thank goodness I've been saving my .xcf files more recently. It makes this a whole lot faster.

Requested by miyasaikou.

1: I started by cropping the image. The theme called for the icon to accentuate a box shape, so I wanted the Witch in the window to be the main focus, therefore I placed that in the center. Then I erased most of the shiney and shaded areas from the original.

2: Next, I created a pink layer underneath the original, and then created a new layer on top to extend the main shaded area, which would have been too much of a pain to remove completely.

3: I created a new layer from visible, and put it on Screen at about 60 Opacity. I often do this when trying to brighten up a dingy image.

4: I duplicated the previous layer, and put it on Overlay at about 85 Opacity.
on overlay

5: Next I created a new layer and filled it with the pink color (dc5075) on Overlay at about 50 Opacity. This brings some brightness, and warmth back into the image.

6: I duplicated the image from underneath the pink layer, placed it above the pink layer, and put it about about 50 Opacity. I usually do this to balance the coloring effects. I probably could just adjust the pink layer, but I prefer to do it this way.

7: Create a new layer from visible, at about 30 Opacity. This will boost the contrasts.

8: Add my favorite, default texture over the top at about 25 Opacity and call it a day!

Now, once again. I'm going to bed~ Nighttime seems the best time to do these tutorials.
If anything is confusing, just ask... I know I didn't make any sense when I made this.

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